Introducing “Delayed Modulation” Scripter Presets

I’ve made “Delayed Modulation” Scripter Preset for Logic Pro X.

Scripter MIDI FX Plug-in lets us create our own MIDI processing functionality by using custom JavaScript API.
“Delayed Modulation” Scripter Preset sends continuous “Delayed” MIDI modulation (CC#1) message automatically as you play your MIDI keyboard controller.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 12.41.17 AM.png

You can adjust (and automate) following plug-in parameters…

Delay Time: Determine time length in milliseconds from when you press the key to when modulation begins
Transient Time: Determine time length in milliseconds from when modulation bigins to when reach modulation depth goes in full
Depth: Specify the highest modulation intensity in MIDI CC value (0 to 127)
  Retrigger: Delay sequence will be triggered whenever you press your MIDI keyboard controller
  Legato: Delay sequence won’t be triggerd if you already press any other key

To install this preset, first you need to download the preset file, insert “Scripter” MIDI FX in your software instruments channel strip and then, load it!

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